Are Canines More Low Maintenance Than Felines?

Are Canines More Low Maintenance Than Felines?

This debate between pet parents has been doing the rounds for ages. It is but natural that a parent tries to defend the animal they have. But, through experiences and scenarios, even a dog lover has sided with the feline family because of its low-maintenance lifestyle. 

This is also because of the nature of these animals. Canines by nature and behaviour are very dependent on their owners. They are big-time attention seekers and need to be constantly watched to avoid any life-threatening incidents. Cats on the other hand like to stay in their own zone. They might just greet you at first and then they need their space and time to come around.

To add on, a major point of debate between dog owners and cat owners is their hygiene. The way in which these animals can groom themselves or can be well kept is a persistent concern.  We all know that canines have to be bathed and groomed to maintain their hygiene. Unlike dogs, felines constantly groom themselves and are very particular about their spaces where they sit or sleep. A feline parent would spend far less for the grooming aspect as compared to a canine parent, saving a huge chunk on cleanliness and hygiene.

All pet parents tend to get worried when they are traveling and can’t take their pets with them. In such situations, a canine, because of its nature needs more attention, and also needs to be watched and fed. In such scenarios, dogs face anxiety when they’re kept away from their owners for some time. On the other hand, felines are their own entertainers, they don’t wish the company of others that much. They can easily survive if they receive sufficient food and water.

The debate between preferring a dog or a cat will go on. But with the changing times, the cost has become a major factor for people while considering to adopt or buy a pet. People prefer to have a pet that will be low-maintenance for them. This reason is also justified because of the nature of their work and time constraints due to the fast-moving life.