Animal Activists Embark On A Journey To Rescue!

Animal Activists Embark On A Journey To Rescue!

A team of five animal activists travelled from Hyderabad to Warangal to rescue a canine who was stuck in a 70-feet deep borewell on Monday. 

The team of activists travelled a distance of 150-km to Thanda in Warangal. They are part of the Animal Warriors Conservation Society (AWCS).

According to a report in the Times of India, the team received a call from the villagers on Sunday regarding this issue. They decided to  take immediate action towards this situation and so they rented a car and set off to Warangal to rescue the dog that was stuck in the pit.

While speaking to the Times of India, Pradeep Nair a spokesperson on behalf of AWCS stated that their main aim was to save the canine as soon as possible. Since they didn’t have their own vehicle they had to rent one and reach the spot immediately. Once there, they waited for sunrise and began their rescue mission.

Without wasting any time, a member from AWCS got down into the pit once the canine was spotted. The dog was rescued safely.

Nair further stated that the well was huge due to agricultural purposes. If it weren’t for the villagers, the canine’s chances of survival would be none.