A Stray Dog Stuck in an Empty Reservoir, Rescued After a Week

A Stray Dog Stuck in an Empty Reservoir, Rescued After a Week

A stray dog who fell in a deserted underground water reservoir in Greater Noida more than a week ago has been rescued. As per the locals and the rescuers, the empty reservoir had broken windows along with open manholes, posing a threat to anybody who passes by. 

When a bunch locals from Saini Sunpura village in Greater Noida, under Ecotech3 Police Station, were strolling close by, they heard whining from inside the pit of the reservoir. Immediately they informed they got in touch with the police who then contacted a city-based NGO named Smart Sanctuary to coordinate the rescue. 

While speaking to the Hindustan Times, the police stated that they were surprised to see that the dog was still alive. The reservoir is dark and dry and runs about 25 feet deep. The rescuer went inside using a ladder and rescued the pooch. 

According to a vet, the dog had grown skeletally thin and probably survived only on rainwater. If the villagers hadn’t heard the canine, it could have been stuck in there for much longer. All the body fat and muscles had been used up as energy sources. Currently, the pooch is on a liquid diet and will take at least four weeks to recover. 

The open reservoir can be a threat to even humans. It needs to be addressed and repaired and have the openings closed as soon as possible. The city officials have assured the residents of the neighbouring area that the reservoir will be checked and fixed. The officials stated that they will inspect the area so that an incident like this is not be repeated.