238 Cats Rescued From Japanese Home

238 Cats Rescued From Japanese Home

238 cats were rescued from Sapporo, a city in northern Japan. They were found living in unsanitary and harmful conditions before being placed under protection by local authorities and animal rights groups.

The hoarding occurred due the owners neglecting the spaying and neutering of the felines. This has become a social problem and recently a legal revision has come into effect with the expectation of having certain preventive effects.

While speaking to Mainichi, Tamami Katsuta, head of Nyantomo Network Hokkaido a non-profit animal welfare organisation stated that there were many cats whose bones and skin made it look like they hadn’t been fed for a while.

The news about the hoarded cats came to light only when the landlord went to visit the family who had been staying there. A married couple in their 50’s and their son in his 30’s had been staying there. The felines were kept together in a crowded space on the first and second floors which stank. Also, a few cat bones were discovered.

On asking the couple about the cats they stated that they hadn’t taken the felines for their spaying and neutering procedures and before they could think, the cats had already grown in large numbers. Of the cats, 71 were females and were pregnant. The landlord had to cover the costs incurred by the municipal animal care centre when it took the cats in. The costs incurred in spaying and neutering procedures were looked after by the Sapporo Small Animal Veterinary Association and animal welfare groups.