Weekend Watch - Nawab!

Weekend Watch - Nawab!

Nawab is a cute short film based on the bond between a pet and his pet parent. The short film is a good mix of joy and pain. It teaches us an important life lesson about loyalty and companionship. The movie is a must-watch for all the animal lovers out there. If you want to have a basic gist of the movie read ahead, If not then catch the movie here!

Nikhil (Aparshakti Khurana) is seen dejected and depressed as his wife Devika (Geetika Vidya) talks about getting separated. The couple was in love for seven years ago and were married for four years. Nikhil refers to himself as being married to a laptop for four years.

Nikhil wants to save their marriage, but Deevika is only determined about her career. She decides to move to the UK to handle her company’s important account. This deal would help boost her career. She confesses to Nikhil that she doesn’t feel the same about him anymore and would like to move on.

Deevika does not only walk out on her husband, she also leaves behind a cute black Labrador named Nawab. He is cute, adorable, and calm. In the film, the pup is quite often seen peaceful sitting or standing. He patiently waits for his parent’s command. Nikhil and Deevika had adopted Nawab two years ago.

After Deevika left Nikhil, he wanted to give away Nawab too. Nikhil takes Nawab to his brother’s place hoping that they would adopt him. However, that didn’t go as planned. While returning home, Nawab refuses to listen to Nikhil. He adamantly stands not wanting to get into the car.

Nikhil gives up, he leaves the pup behind and drives at a distance. But on his way back, all he was thinking of is Nawab. Nikhil goes back to the same spot to pick up Nawab again. This time the pup enters the car on his parent’s first command.

This time Nikhil takes Nawab to an animal shelter where he’ll receive all the care required. At the shelter, Nikhil gets to know various abandonment stories and grief about other adorable furry ones present there. Does Nikhil leave Nawab at the shelter? Watch to find out!