Travel Ideas with Your Pet

Travel Ideas with Your Pet

Just when you think you need a holiday, think about your furry one too. He or she may wish to be free and have fun too. And once in a while there’s really no harm in taking him or her out. Consult your vet first and ensure that all of his or her vaccinations are up-to-date. Here are some getaway ideas with your pet so that you both can have a rejuvenating holiday:

A Road trip

To get your furry one used to car travel, you’ll need to start by introducing him or her to shorter trips first. Gradually increase the distance and time. These test drives will help you understand a few things such as how soon does he or she feel motion sick or how soon does he or she need to pee after the journey commences. Knowing all of this will help you prepare for your long road trip better. Plan your route keeping in mind your furry one and ensure that he or she is comfortable. If it’s going to be a long journey, you should also keep a look out for pet-friendly hotels or other places for you both to stop by for just a little while.

It is necessary for you to carry your furry one’s essentials such as his or her food bowl, food, water, leash, collar, motion sickness bags, treats, medication, blankets, toys as well as his or her name tag. A seat belt harness will just be a cherry on the cake. Your furry one should be fed at least four hours before you begin your journey. Take him or her on a walk before you begin your road trip so that he or she is ready. Calm music or a chew toy will help soothe your furry one’s anxiety if he or she has any during the drive.

A Picnic Day

While you make plans for your summer get-away, ensure to include your furry one too. Carry a blanket for your furry one, as they often feel left out when you have one and they don’t. They enjoy observing and imitating their parents. For enhanced participation, ensure that he or she carries his or her own backpack with limited things. His or her backpack can include his or her food and water bowl and a small blanket. This will ensure that he or she doesn’t feel left out while you carry your own bag.

Carry some munchies for your furry one. Some homemade snacks or treats will just be a cherry on the cake. Ensure that picnic-friendly foods such as grapes, raisins, chocolate and alcohol are kept away from your furry one reach. They can be toxic to your furry one and can also cause a choking hazard. A Frisbee or a tennis ball can be both interesting and enriching for your furry one.

If you’ve been on a road for a long time, give your furry one some time to relax and unwind. Look out for signs of dehydration in your furry one. Do not forget, this trip was meant to draw you two closer, so ensure that your bond with your furry one on this trip.