Rainy Day Hacks for Dog walks

Rainy Day Hacks for Dog walks

While monsoons are refreshing for us, our pet friends can get awkward and annoyed with heavy showers.

To combat the tension and provide them some relief, here are a few hacks that can save your day in battling mood swings of your pet as well as bring them some joy (winks)!

1.Snag a raincoat

There are many fancy and cute looking paw's rain coat available there to enhance your dodo's look and to prevent him from the rain.Whether you’re rolling with a Chihuahua or Great Dane, your pet is guaranteed to be the driest dog on the block.

2.Go for the booties

Pawz waterproof dog boots are a great and super cute way for your dog to show those puddles who’s boss.

3.Visit an Indoor Dog Park

Like outdoor parks, there are many  places where your buddy can run around and play—while you hang out, watch over the action, and clean up doggie poop as needed. You may have to show proof of vaccinations and flea prevention to get inside. Call or go to the park’s website to learn the rules; some limit the kinds of food and treats you can bring, and they all have behavioral guidelines.

4.Stay Inside and Play Games

Most dogs love to play inside. Games like fetch, hide and seek with toys or even tag with the dodo are always fun. This is more appropriate for small or medium breeds, particularly if you have a smaller home or apartment.

5.Schedule a puppy play date

Call some puppy pals and surprise your dodo with a visit from one of his four-legged friends.

6.Visit the Groomer

This might be the perfect day for your dog to visit the groomer and get pampered.  Especially if He/she’s just enjoyed some good old-fashioned puddle-jumping while engaging in the previous activity. Timing is everything.

7.Indoors swimming

If your puppy is small enough and you have a relatively sizable bath – swimming can be another great exercise. Just be careful not to instill a fear of water in your dog.

8.Treat puzzles

What’s better than a new toy? A toy that rewards your dog with a treat! Treat puzzles keep your dog stimulated and well-fed. They come in a variety of styles.The mental exercise can help calm your dodo, while the yummy food reward will keep them coming back for more.

9.Obstacle course

While your dodo may not be the next agility champion, an in-home obstacle course is a fun way for the two of you to play inside.Whether you build jumps out of couch cushions or purchase some basic agility supplies like a tunnel or weave poles, working together to get through the obstacles strengthens your relationship and builds confidence.

10.Go Outside and Enjoy the Rain!

The thing about getting wet? It’s only temporary. And sometimes it’s downright fun!