PetKonnect: The Success Tale of an end-to-end Petcare Platform

PetKonnect: The Success Tale of an end-to-end Petcare Platform

PetKonnect: The Success Tale of an end-to-end Petcare Platform.



Devanshi Shah is the founder of PetKonnect which provides a loving, safe and healthy environment for pets in India. It was launched when Devanshi’s own pet, a Havanese pup, Hazel, died due to internal bleeding, as it couldn’t receive a blood transfusion. This became an eye-opener for Devanshi to think seriously about the healthcare condition of the pets in India and it led to the start of PetKonnect.

What does the pet platform do?

The pet platform offers various in-house management systems such as Social Petwork, My Pets, Emergency, Service Providers and Pet Affairs. The platform offers various features such as enabling users to identify pets through their geotagged locations, creating a pet profile by way of which users can search, add and make pet friends. It enables them to share photos, make plans and arrange play dates with other pets. All this can be done through Social Petwork. 

“My Pets” of PetKonnect allows owners to create a pet profile. The users can not only store their pets’ medical records and online prescriptions but can also receive recommendations and reminders on necessary vaccinations and medicines. Then there is a section called “Emergency”, which allows access to various emergency services. Users can reach out to NGOs/ambulance taxis that provide immediate treatment to strays, perform rescue operations and the like. It also allows users to request for blood in case of emergencies. Through “Service Providers”, the startup aims to connect trainers, walkers, lodgers, boarders, vets and groomers. The “Pet Affairs” section serves as a knowledge hub. 

Revenue Model

PetKonnect, which is based in Mumbai, has a revenue model similar to that of UrbanClap. The startup is however in its pre-revenue stages at the moment. At present, PetKonnect is not charging any fee from its customers and makes its revenue from other sources. Once they develop a larger user base, they are planning to inculcate more innovative revenue models to ensure that the venture spreads throughout India.

Vet-on-call services

The startup aims to provide vet-on-call services to generate revenue. Users can access vets through its platform. The first ten calls will be free and the users will be charged Rs 600 for the next ten calls, on a top-up basis. 

Advertising as a source of revenue

The team also aims to use advertising as a source of revenue. By 2023, the startup aims to have over 1,00,000 users of which 80% would be active. PetKonnect plans to run ads for ethical brands, vets and more. It is also looking to charge service providers and partners for sponsored posts. 

Her views on Animal Rights in India

Devanshi thinks that Indians are not much aware of animal rights and laws concerning animal welfare. The legal system in India is plagued by pending cases related to animal rights. She thinks that with a steady increase in the number of pets adopted annually, more people have begun to spread awareness at the grassroots level. NGOs, as well as other institutions, are playing a key role in raising awareness. The media is also playing a significant role in reporting cases related to violation of human rights. Even though animal rights awareness has increased in comparison with the previous years, it hasn't reached an ideal level.

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