Pet fashion: Smart ways to accessorise your pet

Pet fashion: Smart ways to accessorise your pet

From GPS Location ID tag to extendable leash, here are some cool and practical accessories for your pet.

Pet Parents love to pamper their canine or feline friends  and what better way to express your love for them than to gift them some cool accessories that also make them stand apart from the crowd. Some of the trendy pet accessories these days are those that also have an element of practicality. Many pet owners are now going for GPS dog collars that not only look stylish but help to track your dog's movements. From extendable leashes, portable water bottles to shoes, here are some pet accessories you would surely like to buy for your furry companion. 

Devanshi Shah, Pet expert and Founder of PetKonnect talks about some cool accessories for your pet.

GPS Location ID tag: Becoming a pet parent favourite, GPS locators for your pets can prove to be a real life saver. Especially for parents who travel a lot or live in areas where housing is attuned to the nature around it, like mountain homes in the forest, the possibility of losing your pet is a serious concern. Well, with these GPS tags one can simply connect to their smart phones and pinpoint the location of their pets. I would advise that pet parents choose GPS trackers that’re external in nature and are not surgically implanted into the animal. Surgical implants have been known to lead to many issues, including fatal infections.

Extendable leash: These leashes are a great accessory that every pet parent should own. No more getting your foot tangled in the leash when your pet is too close or doing the “superman” when your pet runs off in a random direction. Controlling the length of the leash allows you to keep your pet close when required and to roam freely given the opportunity.

Portable water bottle: A must-have for pet parents, there are many portable water bottle options available to pet parents these days. Some of the great designs even offer a function where the unused water is sucked back into the bottle avoiding wastage or spillage. We all know how important it is to stay hydrated in a country like India, and so we should do the same for our pets or even strays.

Pet shoes: Especially and mostly used in the case of dogs, getting strap on shoes for your pet can be a very useful accessory. Try to avoid slide on shoes as they’re mostly very difficult to get on and sometimes a bit uncomfortable for the animal. Shoes come real handy when the pet has to be walked in bad weather, sparing pet parents from long paw cleaning sessions.

Harness: Pet parents around the world are embracing harnesses over collars. Harnesses are considered to be a more humane way of leashing your pet. While many animal trainers will argue the importance of a collar when training, one can use a harness shortly after the training period is complete. Many harness brands now even argue that harnesses offer greater control over your pet’s movement, even better than with collars. Also, pets can’t easily get out of a harness when pulling away from you.

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