Pampering pets

Pampering pets

The do’s and don’ts — to make sure that you’re successful and fostering a healthy relationship with your dodo!


1. Make Homemade Treats

2. Schedule a Spa Day

3. Take Your Dog to a Pet Supply Store and Let     Him Choose a New Toy

4. Take Your Dog for a Hike or for a Romp in the Dog Park

5. Schedule Regular Checkups

6. Go for Glamour Shots

7. Build a Backyard Paradise

8. Get a Cozy Bed

9. Schedule a Soothing Massage

10. Make Time for One-on-One Play Time


1.Don’t nag your dog by repeating commands — nagging teaches him to ignore you.

2.DON’T overfeed your dog.

3.Don’t yell at your dog. He’s not deaf. Raising your voice doesn’t improve understanding.

4.Don’t isolate your dog — he’s a social animal.

5.Don’t get too serious in your training.Let Him enjoy.

6.Don’t give up when the going gets tough; keep trying.

7.Don’t blame the dog; you are his teacher.