Otters Test Positive for Covid-19

Otters Test Positive for Covid-19

According to a statement shared on Facebook by the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta City, USA, the otters have tested positive for Covid-19. The otters began to show mild respiratory symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, mild lethargy and some otters even began to cough.

Despite following all the recommended safety protocols, the Asian small-clawed otters are most likely to have been infected by an asymptomatic staff member. The aquarium’s staff mentioned in a statement that this kind of transmission is rare. 

While speaking to NBC News, one of the aquarium staff members stated that the affected carnivorous mammals are doing great and are expected to recover completely, soon. The otters are kept separately and off-exhibition until they fully recover. The aquarium has made sure that the otters will have no contact with all those people visiting the aquarium.

However, the aquarium has not mentioned the number of otters that have tested positive for Covid-19. All the animals including otters are not eligible for the Covid-19 vaccination in the United States. 

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