Man in Kerala Has Been Feeding the Strays For Over Two Decades

Man in Kerala Has Been Feeding the Strays For Over Two Decades

For the last two decades, Maniyan Pillai, a 70-year-old man has been feeding stray dogs every single day without fail in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. The old man is homeless and jobless but yet he makes sure to provide daily food to them, he also looks after the strays as his own children.

According to the New Indian Express report, he is seen feeding the stray canines every day in the morning. A loyal pack of stray canines always follow the man in their locality.

While speaking to the New Indian Express, Maniyan Pillai stated that he has always been an animal lover and had started feeding the strays regularly two decades ago. He stated that whenever he comes across a hungry stray canine, he never hesitates to use his money and buy food for them.

Maniyan Pillai mentioned that the Earth is not home to humans alone. Animals too are a part of it and hence humans should learn to coexist with them. He also mentioned that he ensures to feed the strays before he feeds himself.

He further added that he has served in the Indian military for ten years. Maniyan Pillai’s days revolve around these stray ones and feeding them makes him very happy. He also requests people to look after the strays and feed them.