Kat Dennings, A Cat Lover, Urges Cat Owners To Visit The Veterinarian At Least Once A Year.

Kat Dennings, A Cat Lover, Urges Cat Owners To Visit The Veterinarian At Least Once A Year.

Actress and cat lover Kat Dennings who stars in Two Broke Girls as Max Black, is partnering with Royal Canin, a global leader in cat nutrition. She has taken this step to encourage cat owners across the United States to make a commitment to take their cats to the veterinarian at least once a year. Dennings is being joined by veterinarian and reality TV star Dr. Diarra Blue and Hannah Shaw (Kitten Lady) who is a kitten rescuer and human educator. The public service announcement encourages cat owners to take their cats to the veterinarian even if their pet is completely healthy.

Across the United States, more than 42 million households have at least one cat, which amounts to around 90 million in the whole of the country. Most of the cats don’t receive medical care. 83% of cats are taken to the vet before their first birthday. However, over 50% don’t come back unless their pet is very sick or in pain.

Royal Canin's annual ‘Take Your Cat’ to the Vet project, now in its sixth year, aims to raise awareness about this essential problem in cat health. It also hopes to help break down the barriers that keep cats from visiting veterinarians more frequently. A survey conducted by Royal Canin shows that, 63% of cat owners wrongly feel that their cat doesn't need to go to the vet if he or she is acting normal (playing, eating, drinking, and using the litter box). When their cat is healthy, 66% of poll respondents believe that they don't pay attention to symptoms of age, yet 60% are unsure what signals to watch for when their cat is aging.

Kat Dennings said that the initiative by Royal Canin is very critical as cats are very good at hiding their feelings. The aim is to advocate for all cats and help them live happier lives. To end that, with less than half of the cats receiving regular care, they will have made a difference if they can just encourage one more cat owner to commit to annual health visits for their feline.

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