How to keep your Pet safe at home while you are away

How to keep your Pet safe at home while you are away

Leaving your beloved pet home alone is never something pet parents enjoy, seeing their sad faces as you leave home and promise to be back is difficult isn’t it? Being a pet parent your main priority is that your pet stays safe and comfortable while you are away.

Here are some tips to ensure your pet is safe at home while you are away.

  1. Use technology:

If you are a pet parent that worries about your pet while you are away even if it is just a few hours, you can install dog cameras & monitor in your house. With the cameras you can check on your pooch anytime of the day, this instantly calms you down and also makes your pet safe in case there are any intruders.

  1. Hire a pet sitter:

Pet sitters are the best option when you are traveling, not only do they know how to take care of pets, but can also keep you updated on your pet’s situation. This way their schedule isn’t disturbed as well, and they get fed and taken for a walk on their regular time and they won’t feel as lonely. Ensure to get your pet comfortable around the pet sitter before you leave for your trip. You can schedule a few bonding sessions for them while you are around, this makes it easier for your pet to trust them as well.

  1. Ask help from your neighbors:

It is always good to have a good neighbor you can depend on to take care of your pooch while you are away. They can help you by checking on them throughout the day, feed them, take them on walks, and if possible can also take them to their house for a couple of days till you are back. Do not force your pet to shift to their house if they aren’t comfortable as this might just make your pet anxious and probably aggressive towards them.

  1.  Necessary supplies for your pets:

Before you leave for your trip, make sure you check if their food is stocked up or their medicines are available in case your pet needs to take them on a regular basis. Considering pets have a specific diet or brand of food they eat on a regular basis, if that isn’t available that can lead to your pet not eating and eventually falling sick.

  1. GPS Collars:

When you are traveling there is a possibility of your pet running away which can be an issue if there isn’t a GPS in their collar. GPS collars help pet parents track their pet and helps them know where their pet exactly is.

  1. Pet-proof the house:

Pets are like toddlers, curious and wants everything they can get their hands on. Hence, it is important to remove anything that can be dangerous or harmful for your pets, that includes – medicines, cleaning chemicals, sharp objects, paint, etc. Pets if running around the house at times can also break a glass which can hurt them. So checking everything before you leave the house is mandatory.

It is never fun to leave your pooch behind when you are traveling, but at times we don’t have a choice, these basic tips can help you ensure your pet is safe and healthy while you are away.