Gear Up For The NVF’S Indian VETopia 2022!

Gear Up For The NVF’S Indian VETopia 2022!

National Veterinary Foundation (NVF) is all set for this year’s Indian VETopia 2020. Indian VETopia is one of the largest veterinary conferences held in India. These seminars are annually organized by National Veterinary Foundation. This year, the conference will be held from March 11 to March 23, 2022, in the Kingdom of Dreams, Delhi. The organizers have also organized a special hands-on workshop on March 14, 2022, to help budding veterinarians.


This conference promotes the Indian veterinary industry and its research across the globe. Indian VETopia aims to invite veterinarians specialized in a particular field and allow them to share their knowledge, research, and expertise along with other growing veterinarians.

 We have a list of five highly experienced veterinarians who will be speaking at the Indian VETopia 2022.

Dr P Sridevi

 She is an expert in the field of canine reproduction and has more than 28 years of experience in teaching. At VETopia, Dr Shridevi will throw some light on topics relating to canine and feline gynecology. Through her lectures, she will also help veterinarians understand feline reproduction and common reproduction problems in canines.

  • Dr S P Tyagi
    He has highly contributed to the Indian veterinarian industry by developing the best infrastructure for animals in India. At the conference, he will share his expertise on picking or choosing the appropriate medicine for a particular illness. He will also speak about the treatment required for various eye ailments.

  • Dr K Jeyaraja
    He is an expert in the field of canine cardiology. Dr Jeyaraja has done extensive research in pet neurology, oncology and has 21 years of experience in canine internal medicine. He will give us a detailed explanation of why it is necessary to have a basic approach to neuro examination while practicing. He will also be covering topics such as diagnosis and management of spinal disease and neuro disease.

  • Dr Michal Jank
    He teaches animal pharmacology and animal dietetics to veterinary students at the Poznań University, Poland. Dr Jank will speak about how we can understand the nutritional requirements of a diabetic pet and help us formulate a nutritionally-balanced diet for them. He will also speak on how one needs to look after felines suffering from lower urinary tract disease.

Dr Sooryadas S
He is a professor of veterinary surgery and radiology in Kerala. His area of expertise is canine ophthalmology and anesthesiology. He has also published many articles nationally and internationally based on ophthalmology and anesthesiology. Dr Sooryadas S will share an insight into the different concepts and practices of multi-modal anesthesia.


NVF’s prime objective is to eradicate as well as control the spread of zoonotic disease and rabies in animals and humans. The team is constantly working towards making India a rabies-free country. National Veterinary Foundation’s goal is to promote Indian health-care products for pets all across the world. By doing so, they will be creating more employment opportunities for budding veterinarians in India.