Friends Return to Ukraine Border with Amenities for Animal

Friends Return to Ukraine Border with Amenities for Animal

Vince Price and his friend David Pryce residing in Shawbirch, Shropshire the West Midlands region of England found a unique way to help the animals stuck in Ukraine. They made a trip to the Poland-Ukraine border and carried a van full of disability equipment such as a wheelchair, etc. in the month of April 2022.

The duo now is making the same trip for the second time. But, this time they are taking with them a van full of food, bedding, toys, and other amenities for animals. They started their second journey of 1,200 miles (1900 km) journey on May 10, 2020.

While speaking to BBC, Vince Price stated that they decided to help animals in need after meeting a Ukrainian family in a hotel at the end of their first trip. The family had a three-legged dog which inspired Vince and David to provide more help to those in need.

He added, “Lots of people say they wish they could do something, but they can't because they have commitments and jobs”. Both the friends are semi-retired and want to help the animals in need. However, David looks after the transportation at the Telford charity shop.

Vince mentioned that the Telford charity shop’s team helped them fill around three-quarters of the van. He further stated that the tragedy they had witnessed in Ukraine while they made their first trip was heartbreaking and would stay with them forever.