DIY Portable Tent for Your Pooch

DIY Portable Tent for Your Pooch

Thinking of an indoor camping evening? Want to create a portable, collapsible, and simple tent for your pooch? We’ve got your back! With this splendid idea, you can set up a campsite in either your living room or backyard too! This way you need not feel sorry about not taking your furry one on an adventure this summer!

All that you need is:

4 wood pieces of 3’ X 1-1/2” for the frame

Drill + spade bit

3 wooden dowels


Straight pins

Iron-on fabric adhesive

Spray Paint

Step 1:

Mark the four pieces of wood at the 1-1/2” and drill using the spade bit that matches the size of the dowels. Once the holes have been drilled, keep the wood pieces on a flat surface, and enjoy spray painting to make it look attractive for your canine companion.

Step 2:

To create the frame, hold up two of the wooden pieces in the shape of an ‘X’ lining up against the holes. Slide a wooden dowel into the holes and repeat the same with the other two pieces of wood. A rubber mallet may be needed to ensure the correct fitting for the dowel.

Step 3:

The next main component is the fabric. Spread it evenly on both sides and measure the hem evenly. Remember to leave space for the dowel to pass through. Now using iron-on fabric adhesive stick the end of the fabric as though you’re hemming it while also leaving space for the dowel.

Step 4:

Once the fabric is ready, slide the dowels into the fabric loops on both sides while inserting it into the frame holes. Again using a rubber mallet secure the frame. You can leave the tent open when in use and can fold it otherwise. You can enjoy your furry one’s reaction to this new portable and collapsible safe place. You can enjoy your furry one’s reaction on this new portable and collapsible safe place.