DIY Pillow for your Furry One

DIY Pillow for your Furry One

You may notice your feline cuddling to a pillow or a carpet more often during winters. A feline’s body temperature is comparatively warmer than humans, they need to maintain a stable internal state that is preserved despite the changes of the outside weather. Hence, they tend to nuzzle onto a pillow to find some warmth.

Here’s a simple way where you can DIY a pillow from an old t-shirt for your furry one. All of the things you need to DIY this pillow are:

  • Large-sized t-shirt
  • Pillow stuffing
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine / needle and thread
  • Pins

Follow the steps given below to create a soft and comfy pillow for your furry baby

Step 1: Cut the bottom front and back part of the t-shirt along with the existing hem according to the size of your pillow. You will get two pieces overlapping as an envelope in the middle of the pillow. The hems will serve as the ends. Make sure you cut the t-shirt hem same as the width and length of your pillow.

Step 2: Cut the remaining top i.e. the graphic part, keeping the same length and width as the measurement of your pillow. The graphic bit will be the front side of your pillow. After cutting the top part, you should have three pieces of the t-shirt; the graphic/ the front part and the two back pieces with the hems.

Step 3: Place the front part of the pillow piece right-side up. Place the back piece of the pillow on top of it, keeping the right sides together. Secure all the three edges with pins.

Step 4: Take the other piece meant for the back of the pillow and place it on the top, right-side facing downwards. Place it on the opposite edge of the pillow for the hems to overlap in the middle. Pin all the four edges and sew it up. Use the zigzag method of stitching to avoid formation of knits due to stretching.

Step 5: Put the pillow stuffing from the back of envelop opening. Pull the back pieces over the pillow form and close the opening.

And you’re pillow is ready! Experiment it with your furry one and wait for the reaction. He or she will surely be grateful for the gesture!