DIY Hanging Tube Toy for Rabbits!

DIY Hanging Tube Toy for Rabbits!

It’s toy time! Bunnies love new toys. It does not only keep boredom away but also stimulates their minds. Toys have the superpower to keep your bunny’s mind busy and active. It can keep depression, anxiety, and several destructive behaviours away. Puzzles toys are a great mental enrichment exercise for rabbits. It allows your bunny to use his or her natural foraging instinct to find hidden treats or food.

It is necessary to provide your furry baby with a variety of toys for their mental enrichment. Rabbits get bored of the old ones quickly. Sometimes, they can get bored of a toy even in a day. However, it is not feasible to bring in a new toy every time your bunny is bored of the old one.

We have a DIY idea that can turn into a great toy for your little fur ball. The hanging tube toy! The tubes will give our bunnies a chance to pull and tug the hanging toy. You can fill these tubes with grass, or hay and hide their treats in the middle. Such toys will not only keep them active but will also provide nourishment. The toy will allow your bunny to munch on hay or grass during their hunt for the treat.

This is all you need to DIY a hanging tube toy:

  • A pen or a pencil
  • 3 to 4 cardboard tubes (You can use toilet paper cardboard roles)
  • Twine or string
  • Hay or grass
  • Rabbit treats

You can start by making holes in the centre of each tube. With the help of a pen, pencil, or any pointed object, make tiny holes on the top and bottom of each tube. Ensure to line up the top and bottom holes on each tube.

Take a string and tie a big knot on one side of it. Thread the string through the first tube. The knot will act as a stopper. Hence, ensure that the knot is big enough and it doesn’t slide over the tubes.

After you’ve entered the first tube you must tie two more knots on the string. The first knot will be above the tube and the second knot must be below it. This will ensure that the tube stays in place. The knots must be big and tight, ensuring the tube does not slide.

Repeat the same process for the second, third, and fourth tubes. You can add as many cardboard tubes as you like. If you have a tiny bunny, 3 to 4 cardboard tubes are enough. If your bunny is a little huge or taller, you may increase the tubes to 5 or 6. Your bunny must be able to reach all the tubes.

After entering the last tube, you must tie another securing knot. Similar to the knot put while threading the first tube. Leave some extra string that will allow you to tie the toy on their cage or near the play area.

Take a generous amount of hay or grass and stuff them inside the cardboard tubes. This part might get a little messy. You can fill one side of the tube, hide a treat in the centre, and stuff the other side with hay or grass again.

Adding the treat in the centre will make your bunny work for it. He or she will have to put in a little effort to get to the treat. Your toy is now ready for play. Hang the toy near your bunny’s enclosure or in his or her play area. Let your furry baby have a fun time with the new toy.

To make the toy look attractive, you can paint the tubes using pet-friendly colours. However, this step is optional. If you choose to paint the tubes, it must be done before you assemble them with the strings. Paint the tubes and keep them aside for a while until they dry. After which, you can follow the other steps. When choosing paint ensure it is pet friendly and will not cause any harm to your furry baby. If you have an allergic or sensitive pet, it is advisable to not use paint.

You may try this cool idea of rotating your rabbit’s toys. Rabbits always get more excited about seeing or playing with a new toy. So, take away some old toys and give them back to your bunny after a month. This process will give them the feel of having a new toy again. You can take the toy back after they’ve played with it at least for a week. This will help them get the feel of playing with new toys every week.