DIY Dog House

DIY Dog House

Every dog deserves a nice home. Dog houses available in the market are usually not the ideal kind, some are poorly built while others are really expensive. Below are the steps to build an interesting dog house all by yourself.

The dog house will protect your pooch from rain, snow and sun and the best part is that it can easily be transported from one place to another.

The dog house is ideal for dogs that are below 60cm in height. If you have a bigger dog, then your dimensions may vary according to its size.

For the project, 8mm thick plywood is preferred. The dimensions of the floor are 97x75cm, so you’ll need two boards for the floor and 2x2cm planks for the frames. For the isolation, you can use 2cm thick styrofoam. Now assemble the styrofoam boards in the frame.

Attach the planks with glue and then fix it with ¾ inch wood screws when you place the upper board on. Make sure the holes drilled are one size smaller than the screws, otherwise the planks may crack.

The side panels are built in the same way as the floor panel but the dimensions are 97x50 cm. The side panels need to be fixed with screws directly. Keep the styrofoam and cover panel for the finish. Once the sides are finished, secure them to the floor board with wooden screws.

For the front and back of the dog house, use a jig saw to cut the front and back panels. They should be at 40 degrees angle on top. First draw the shape on the sheet of plywood and then you can begin the cutting.

Next, the entrance door needs to be cut out on the front panel, the dimensions of which are 40x25cm. The arch is not too much of a problem. Just draw it with the jig saw at the lowest speed. When the arch is completed, frame the front and back with 2x2cm planks but the ones on the slope of the triangle on top should be 15 cm longer than the others.

Once the framing is complete, join the front and back with 2x2cm planks 93 cm long. Using corner braces secure the planks. The lower roof planks should be about 2 cm off the frame on both sides. Turn the house on one side and attach the roof panels with wooden screws.

Now, the base needs to be attached with the whole structure. Now fill the spaces between the planks with Styrofoam. The last bit is to attach the wooden strips for the outer side of the dog house. Cut the wood strip and then attach it with 1inch nails only on the outer planks.

Make arrangements for the monsoon to prevent leakage and now paint the dog house as per your choice. It is best mounted on stone blocks or bricks at least 5 cm thick and avoid placing the house directly on the ground.