DIY Christmas Outfits For Your Furry One!

DIY Christmas Outfits For Your Furry One!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We know that while you dress up well for the festive season, you might want the same for your furry one too. If your furry one enjoys the spotlight and loves family gatherings, you could create a fun outfit for him or her to play dress up.  

Here’s a list of DIY Christmas themed easy and quick outfits for your furry one! Feel free to follow them, but remember it has to be fun and creative. It is your way of expressing affection towards your furry one for all that they do for you!

Christmas Present

For this, you’ll need a red/white t-shirt or your furry one’s sweater. Let him or her wear it and then just add a bow or a ribbon to its back to signify that it is wrapped. If you do take a minute to think about it, your furry one is an actual gift to your family.


If you have a puppy you might agree that they’re not really angels although they are so adorable. Using white paper or felt you can make a halo or DIY wings to make him or her look like an angel. A white t-shirt could be your ground to strap the wings or halo onto your furry one

Christmas Elf

A green t-shirt with a pointy hat will make your furry one look like Santa’s little helpers. Add red pom-pom to the base of the hat to complete the look of an Elf. You can make ears of green felt for your furry one to finish the outfit.


Your furry one may get really excited looking at the antlers in this costume. A piece of cardboard can be cut into the shapes of antlers or you can use a couple of brown pipe cleaners and make them look like antlers. Attach the pair of antlers to a soft hairband and stick it on your furry one’s head just before the ears, so as to get grip. If you want to complete this outfit, add some red pom-pom on his or her nose. You will then have a red-nosed Rudolph the canine walking around your home.

Santa Paws

The simplest one yet the best one was saved for the last. Let your furry one wear a red t-shirt and wrap a black strip of fabric or a belt around his or her tummy. You can use red felt to make a pointed hat and then complete it with a white pom-pom on its peak. Look around and find Santa Paws strolling in and around your house.

So here’s how you can make your furry one feel special while you dress up to celebrate Christmas!