Did You Know Your Cat Loves These 5 Things?

Did You Know Your Cat Loves These 5 Things?

Like people, cats have distinct personalities as well as a variety of likes and dislikes. Although a cat's preferences can vary from one cat to the next, being aware of what your cat enjoys will help you develop a stronger bond with him or her. Here are 5 things your cats undoubtedly adore that you didn't realise.

  1. Naps

Cats love to sleep, that much is obvious. In actuality, cats sleep for 12 to 16 hours on average each day. Ask your vet about what's typical for your cat's breed, age, size, and level of activity if you're worried that it may be sleeping too much or too little.

  1. Grooming

Did you know that adult cats groom themselves for around half of the time they are awake? Grooming is obviously a big component of a cat's life! Not all cats enjoy grooming, but if yours does, try brushing his fur using a rubber or natural bristle brush. His fur will be thoroughly cleaned, and it will also feel incredibly soothing.

  1. Watching Birds

Cats curled up on windowsills are a typical sight. This is due to the area's popularity as a bird watching site. Some cats can spend hours each day watching birds, whether they do so because they are their prey or just because the movement catches their attention. 

  1. Catnip

Cats adore catnip, and many of them favour it over traditional cat treats. Treats for cats don't produce the same pleasure as catnip does. Though some cats aren't sensitive to catnip and won't react to it at all, this isn't always the case. There are really a few substitute herbs, such as valerian and silver vine, that can have similar benefits on cats. Give one of these a try if catnip isn't working to divert your cat from its constant asking for food.

  1. Working for food

Cats have instincts. They are intelligent, and they feel bored when they aren't able to use their intelligence to find prey. That could lead to a variety of issues - aggression, territory marking, and attention seeking etc. Puzzle feeders, games, learning tricks, or moving your cat's food to a different location so they have to look for it a little can all assist with this. Cats don't need to cause problems to have fun when they can use their minds.

Cat's interests, joy, and enjoyment can change as they get older, much like our own. Your cat may love her feathered toy one day but find it dull the next. It's your responsibility as a kitty parent to notice when your cat's interests shift so you can keep her content, healthy, and active.