Canine Toffee Protects the Children that go into the Forest to Attend Online Lectures

Canine Toffee Protects the Children that go into the Forest to Attend Online Lectures

Due to Covid-19, children from all around the world have to attend online classes. In order to attend the online lectures, the children from Thrissur in Kerala, India have to go inside the Mottachikkunnu forest in Kumbalacode as it is the only place where the locals receive proper network.

A three-year-old canine named Toffee has a duty of protecting all the children while they are busy studying inside the forest. The canine started going there along with its pet parent, P U Binika, who is a third-year Bachelor of Arts, Economics student. Binika along with her brother and a few friends started going inside the Mottachikkunnu forest to attend online lectures.

There are mostly girls, who are studying in junior college that go into the forest to attend an online lecture. They have to walk for at least one kilometre to reach the spot. Binika decided to take Toffee along with her to the forest as a companion and he eventually took up the duty of keeping them safe while they are studying.

Toffee gives an alert to the children if he spots or senses the presence of any wild animal in their way. There are times when the canine has chased away snakes and wild boars that were coming closer to the children.

While speaking to The Times of India, Binika stated that the children attend classes under a tarpaulin sheet that is stretched between the trees. The children walk through the jungle in groups as walking alone can be dangerous. Binika stays back in the forest until evening to look after the smaller ones attending lectures.

The parents are worried about sending their kids to the forest but it is the only option available to them. The residents have requested the local corporators and the government to help them with this situation.