Canine Bravo Plays a Huge Role in Saving His Family’s Life

Canine Bravo Plays a Huge Role in Saving His Family’s Life

A three-year-old canine named Bravo, residing in Greater Noida, India saved its family from fire just in time. This incident took place at the family’s villa in Greenwoods, Greater Noida. The canine saved its family’s life by sniffing out the fire in time.

While speaking to Hindustan Times, 38-year-old, Bravo’s pet parent who lives with his pregnant wife, Shesh Sarangdhar stated that he was irritated by canine Bravo’s constant barking and pounding at their bedroom’s door. When he went to attend the canine, he saw his entire house filled with smoke and his kitchen was on fire.

The smoke was coming from their kitchen downstairs and he noticed that their stove and wood works were on fire. He further added that they were able to get out of the house in time, all thanks to their canine Bravo. If it was not for their canine’s alertness the smoke would have crept into their rooms and would have also caused harm to them.

Canine Bravo is an indie canine and Shesh had adopted the canine recently in the month of March. Shesh mentioned that earlier when they used to live in Sector 119, he and his wife used to feed the street dogs there and when they moved to their new house they decided to adopt four of those street dogs.

When the couple takes a small nap during the day, all the four canines too like to take a nap. But, when this fire incident took place it was only canine Bravo who was awake and give them an alert about the fire.

The family did not need to call a fire brigade as Shesh was able to control the fire. He later got to know that their kitchen was in flames since his wife had left the stove on with a pan full of oil. She forgot to turn off the stove and had fallen asleep.

According to an adoption coordinator that works along with NGO Dhyan Foundation, Aparna Bose Dey, she mentioned that such incidents help one to know how smart and alert the stray ones are. Most of the people look down on strays, but this incident has proved that Indie dogs are as sensible and smart compared to any other canines.