AMU Talks about a Women’s Role in Wildlife Conservation

AMU Talks about a Women’s Role in Wildlife Conservation

Dr Asad Rafi Rahmani, a renowned naturalist and former chairman of the department of wildlife sciences at AMU (Aligarh Muslim University) in Uttar Pradesh spoke about the role of women in conserving the wildlife. He shared a few stories about the initiative taken by Indian women to protect the wildlife.

Dr Asad was invited to speak at a lecture organized by the department of wildlife sciences AMU on Friday, May 13, 2022. In the lecture, he emphasized on the topic that women have the desire and knowledge to participate in conservation activities. However, they are not totally involved. In small towns or villages, they are marginalized from community conservation practice.

 He said, “Including women in research and action is a key for successful community-based wildlife conservation”. Dr Asad spoke about Jamal Ara, she was from Bihar and the first female ornithologist in India. She has contributed to more than 50 scientific research papers on birds.

The main aim of this lecture was to motivate students to pursue scientific studies and be a part of solving various wildlife conservation problems in India.

Dr Asad mentioned that even after being retired he is actively a part of conservation activities. He is a part of a team that is making efforts to protect endangered species such as the Great Indian Bustard, Lesser Florican, and several other species of strokes and cranes.