National Nutrition Week 2022: Superfoods you must add to your pet's diet

National Nutrition Week 2022: Superfoods you must add to your pet's diet

Boost your pet's immunity with these amazing superfoods that can also help your feline or canine companion stay active and disease-free.

Nutrition deficiency in pets can be spotted by the way they look.

A balanced diet is as important for your pet as it is for you. A good mix of nutrients aids in boosting your feline or canine companion's immunity and protect them from diseases. While carbohydrates play an important role in their growth and providing them with necessary energy to jump around and stay active, adding fat to their diet can help them have healthy coat and skin. Vitamins and minerals shouldn't be ignored as they have antioxidants and help prevent various diseases. 

Nutrition deficiency in pets can in fact be spotted by the way they look. Dogs who are lacking in certain nutrients can have excessive shedding, dull coat, fur loss and dandruff. They may also be constipated, or have bad breath or body odour. To ensure your pet doesn't suffer from any nutrient deficiency, you must design their meals well.


"Superfoods are foods that can become a majority of the diet or complement an existing diet to provide different nutrients that are responsible for different aspects of the pet’s health. This includes antioxidants that help prevent diseases like cancer from forming, healthy fats which improve the cardiovascular system, fibre that promotes a healthy digestive system and vitamins which are essential for growth," says Devanshi Shah, Founder and CEO – PetKonnect.


Shah suggests superfoods for dogs, cats and birds.

FOR DOGS: Dog parents should try to include eggs, blueberries, fish oil, kale, carrots and bone broth.

FOR CATS: Cat parents could look at blueberries, cranberries, carrots, broccoli, and lean meats or an oily fish like salmon, anchovies or sardines.

FOR BIRDS: Parents of birds could look at a combination of seeds like chia seeds, sunflower seeds. They can also look at coconut oil mixed into foods like bananas, strawberries, and sweet potatoes.

A WORD OF CAUTION: Shah says that pet parents must be aware of the food allergies that their pets maybe prone to and which at times can turn fatal. She suggests consulting a vet before starting any new food.
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