Losing her pet made this woman create networking site for dog parents. Her story is heartening

Losing her pet made this woman create networking site for dog parents. Her story is heartening

If you’re currently a pet parent or have been one in the past, then you know the level of caretaking and affection that goes into raising a furry kid. These animal cuties often become a part of the family, sometimes even gaining the title of the favourite child. Sadly, at times, pet parents have to face the heartbreaking reality of losing these beloved creatures, absence of whom can definitely be felt in and around the household. This post, by the Humans of Bombay, perfectly captures all those nuances of being a pet parent and shows what one particular dog mom did after losing her four-legged child. Their story is incredibly heartwarming.

Humans of Bombay shared this post on their official Instagram page on October 4. The share consists of six individual pictures. The caption details the story of Devanshi Shah and her pet dog, Hazel.

It reads, “I was over the moon when my brother surprised me with Hazel on my 20th birthday. She weighed 600 gm and fit in my palms. We’d wake up together, have breakfast on the same table and be stuck to each other all day”. The text further talks about all the fun memories Shah has of Hazel.

Then the story takes a turn to shed light on the time Hazel fell ill. “But soon, Hazel fell ill. The vet said there was no issue – her reports were normal, except for a minor discrepancy. Before we could investigate further, Hazel fell terribly sick,” details the caption.

Shah goes on to talk about the unfortunate turn of events and how the sorrow she felt from Hazel’s passing lead to the creation of PetKonnect, an online community for dog parents. She states, “After 10 months, I came up with PetKonnect – a networking site for dog owners to access resources, connect with vets and get emergency aid. During the pandemic, we’ve also launched a 24 hour vet-on-call service to make sure pet parents get the help they need–we’ve managed to assist several people. In January, when I was at petfed (a pet festival), I spoke to over 200 pet parents”.

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