Get Your Pets Monsoon Ready: 'How To' Guide For Cat & Dog-Parents

Get Your Pets Monsoon Ready: 'How To' Guide For Cat & Dog-Parents

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Pet-Care Tips

The monsoon are all set to arrive and while it can be a welcome break from the heat for our furry friends, it comes with its own set of precautions. Devanshi Shah, CEO of PetKonnect, shares pet care tips for the rainy weather.

Outdoor Activity

Avoid taking your pets out for a walk or to play when it’s raining hard or looking stormy. The aim here is to try and keep your pets coat and paws dry. The level of moisture in this weather can lead to infection, bad odouror even the inflammation of the paws.


The monsoon is breeding season for ticks and that’s a real problem. Do consult your vet about the best anti-tick shampoos and collars for your pet. You need to also be careful of fleas and germs. When taking your dog out for a walk, ensure they don’t play in or sip from stagnant puddles of water. These puddles can often have contaminated water, which if consumed can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain or even loss of appetite! If you see such signs consult your vet immediately to take quick action. What is advisable is to make your pet wear a raincoat and to keep them close.


In this weather food has a tendency to spoil quicker than usual. Most vets will advise you to nurture a balanced and nutritional diet. Try and ditch the packaged food and work towards preparing homemade meals for your pet. Try to cook in smaller batches so you quick fresh food more often.

Plan To Play

Many pets enjoy getting wet in the rain, and so you could possibly plan to let them have their fun on a day when you’re planning to bathe them! For those pets who don’t enjoy this weather, keep them busy in the house and maybe use your balcony for games or going to the bathroom.

Shake It Off

Drying your pet off when they return from outdoor sessions is a must when they return wet. Extra care must always be taken to dry paws as they contain sweat glands through which the passage of the infection will be quicker. Keeping pets on a tight leash is also advisable, as loud cloud bursts or thunder can cause them to run off in a panic.

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