A Dog's Bloodline: Facts You Need To Know

A Dog's Bloodline: Facts You Need To Know

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A perfectly bred pedigree goes back several generations and can give you exact information about the temperament, behaviour, characteristics etc of the breed

By Puja Gupta

July 20, 2020 (IANSlife) Often pet parents are curious to know the blood line of the pup they bring home to understand its hereditary characteristics and psychological behaviour. The bloodline represents ancestral contributions which are passed down through the breeding process. A dog’s personality is highly influenced by their family genetics. A perfectly bred pedigree goes back several generations and can give you exact information about the temperament, behaviour, characteristics etc. of the breed.

Devanshi Shah, Founder, PetKonnect talks about five different breeds and how they get their characteristics from their ancestors:


This breed was refined in Germany. It came into existence when man was looking for a perfect hunting partner. They thought of breeding such a breed which will have a strong physic and will be able to hunt the prey. This breed came into existence in the 1800’s when Bullenbeisser was bred with an English bull dog. Bullenbeisser originated from the Mastiff family which were hunters back then. These breeds, could chase large preys like deer, wild boars etc. Their power and strength is impeccable. The boxers have a strong jaw grip to hold their prey. Their facial wrinkles prevent the excess blood from spraying into their eyes. It was a fast change from being a guard dog to a compassionate pet in households.  

Great Danes

Great Danes are also called gentle giants or as the Apollo of dogs. Great Danes have been in existence since a long time and are a pure breed. Their characteristics specify that in spite of their giant stature they are recognised as one of the most sweet and affectionate breeds. They love to play with children and so make a perfect dog breed around kids. Danes can be easily trained due to their honest and compassionate nature and are also known to be good human protectors. 

German Shepherds

They didn’t just become popular; it was because of their inherit traits and nature. They are the most intelligent, devoted and versatile animals. This breed provides a foundation of a watch dog, protector and a companion. Given the name itself, this breed was bred originally in Germany. The Germans take great pride for this breeds existence and value. They make a good rescue squad. They are known majorly for their working ability.  


This breed came into existence a couple of decades ago and was originated in China. They are commonly also known as Carlin and Mops. The Pug is one of the most adored breed all over the world. There is no such difference in the breed from the ancestral period and the modern periods. The only difference is that nowadays, pugs have their ears cropped. They were believed to be from the Mastiff family but there is no connection between the two genetically or hereditary. This is the purest breed of all.


They are descendants of the hunting hounds in England long before the Roman legions arrived in 55BC. These small and compact hounds were ancestors of the modern beagles. Their ancestors didn’t have a formal name. They were used for hunting even though they were slow runners. Apart from being hunting animals they are also loyal, compassionate and happy-go-lucky which make them good pets for families.

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