Ways to Keep Your Pets Cool in Summer!

Ways to Keep Your Pets Cool in Summer!

With the heat at its extreme, we find ways to cool down and feel comfortable but can our furry ones do the same on their own? The answer is not really. They are partially dependent on their parents to look after them. They can’t get rid of their thick fur coats and control or regulate their body temperatures. But we can. A few ice cubes in his or her food bowl and your canine or feline are good to go.

As for the young ones, puppies and kittens do not understand the meaning of sitting in one place, they will be up and about at all times, hence even an air conditioner might not do the magic. Try to avoid staying outdoors at times when the heat is at its peak. Early morning and late evening hours are ideal to take your canine or feline for a walk.

Here are a number of things that you can do at home to help your furry one beat the heat:


Fruits such as watermelon and cantaloupe are good for both canines and felines. Some felines might eat it because they love it while others might just eat it out of curiosity. On the other hand, canines love a change; a different treat will do the trick. Remember that it should be seedless and the fruits should be cut into bite-sized pieces. Due to their high sugar content, they should be fed in moderation basis the recommendation of your vet.

Ice cubes

Another indoor idea is ice cubes. You can let your feline bat it away and then lick it feeling like he or she has achieved its prey. Whereas your canine might straight-up sniff and then lick it. You can also make frozen treats by adding fruits, treats or bits of their food in them.


Providing shade to your furry one who is located outdoors could be of great help. An umbrella or a sunshade canopy should be enough to cover an area in your backyard or garden to let your furry one rest if he or she is tired after a long and energetic play session. A bowl of water near this shady retreat might help attract him or her to this new spot.

Pool party for canines/ sand dug out for felines

If your furry one adores water, an inflatable pool is your go-to option. Fill the pool with water, some music, and a ball and your furry one will have a picnic. This will help keep him or her entertained while also regulating his or her body temperatures.

Sand dug out for felines can include a sandbox with wet sand so that your furry one can dig till its heart’s contentment. Ensure that this box is placed under some shade so that your furry one does not suffer from a heat stroke or dehydration.