Tips for taking your Pet to a Fun Beach Day

Tips for taking your Pet to a Fun Beach Day

Planning to take your pup for their first beach day? Your dog’s first beach day is a time you will remember forever.

Here are some tips for taking your dog to the beach and make that trip a memorable one:

  1. Plan ahead:

It is always important to plan a beach day in advance, you need to find a dog friendly beach, check the weather in advance, and ensure the beach is less crowded and allows your pup to run off-leash. If you plan on having a long trip, you might need to plan your itinerary in advance as you will need to take breaks to let your pooch can relive themselves and stretch their legs. You should also ensure to have an emergency contact of a veterinary around the area you plan to travel to.

  1. Pack your essentials:

Make a checklist of everything you need to take with you, this way you will not miss out on your pet’s essentials.

  • Leashes:  While researching for the beach, also check if they have leash rules. Many beaches have strict rules to have the dogs on leash and some also have rules on leash length.
  •  Poop Bags: Your pup might need to go to the bathroom after a long trip or after they eat. Cleaning up after your dog poops is mandatory especially since it is a public place and it is expected for pet parents to clean after their pet. Some places also charge a fine for pet parents who don’t clean up their pet’s poop.
  •  Fresh Water: Your pet is likely to get dehydrated after playing and running around the beach, and hence it is very important to keep fresh water handy all the time.
  • Canine Sunscreen: Yes, you read that right, dogs have a sunscreen especially made for them, as they too get sunburned. In fact, they just like humans are at a risk of harmful diseases such as tumors, skin

cancer, & painful sunburn through the UV rays.

  • GPS Collar: Make sure your pup is wearing a collar that has a GPS tracker on it, this way your pet stays safe and you can track them down just in case they run away. 
  1. Teach your dog to swim:

Never assume your dog is going to just jump in the water and learn to swim by themselves. While, some dogs are confident to jump in the water, some are not. You need to make sure your pup is comfortable and confident around water. Take them for some swimming classes before you take them to the beach and they are good to go. Never force your dog into swimming if they aren’t comfortable.

  1. Keep an eye on your pup:

Your pup might put itself in danger running around the beach, it is very important to check on your dog. Understand that all kind of items can be hidden in the sand that can hurt your dog. Broken glass, rocks, hooks, coral & garbage can pose a danger to your pooch. You also need to make sure that your pet isn’t drinking salt water at the beach, as it isn’t good for them. Encourage your pet to drink fresh water as much as you can. Drinking salt water can lead your pet to have diarrhea or an upset stomach later.

With these tips, you will be able to plan a trip that will be stress free for both you and your pup, and make some great memories with your fur buddy.