Rainwear Accessories for Dogs

Rainwear Accessories for Dogs

Most pet parents choose to wear raincoats for mostly short-haired dogs and those that don’t like getting wet in the rain. The raincoat keeps the cold away from them while also protecting them from the rain. Boston Terriers, boxers and French bulldogs are some of the breeds that don’t really like to get wet.

Even water-friendly breeds like Labradors and wire-hair terriers who generally enjoy in the water, benefit from wearing a rain poncho or jacket to prevent from the chill breeze. It is essential to figure out which accessories are most needed for your pooch.

Some significant rain accessories for your furry one include:

  • A poncho is considered as an ideal option to protect your canine from the rain and cool wind too. Most raincoats don’t cover their underbelly and with them walking and kicking water and mud it tends to get wet. Although the attached hood protects their heads and ears from getting wet.
  • A classic raincoat with a Velcro around his neck and stomach along with a loop for the leash. The good part about this is even if it’s cold and rainy, you could just put it over their regular coat.
  • Waterproof and nonslip booties to prevent their paws from getting wet and soiled. Just like gum boots for humans, pooches have gummy dog shoes that protect their paws from abrasive surfaces and extreme temperatures.

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