Keep Your Furry Ones in Mind While Celebrating Diwali!

Keep Your Furry Ones in Mind While Celebrating Diwali!

While Diwali is the festival of light and sound and humans look forward to it each year, we won’t be able to say the same about our pets. You may notice your furry one more anxious due to the loud fireworks, music, smoke, and too many guests. They would rather sit in a corner than interact with people or look forward to food.

This year however, may be slightly different and due to the pandemic, we won’t be expecting too many people over. Often, we do not realize how the sound of fireworks, loud music or the inhalation of the smoke released by the fireworks may affect our furry ones.

Your furry one fortunately has a home, how about all those who are homeless? They may have no choice but to bear the brunt of all that. They have no shelter to turn to and hide and no escape from the enormous amounts of smoke and pollution caused by the fireworks. It takes a mighty toll on their respiratory systems.

Many pets and strays suffer from psychological distress due to the loud sounds and bright flashes. If your furry one is currently suffering from an underlying heart ailment, it is considered ideal to keep him or her calm and away from this noise and air pollution.

Consider keeping your doors and windows shut during the late hours of the evening so that it could reduce the impact of the sound. Drawing the curtains might be of great help to reduce the bright flashes. Also, remember to allow your dog to go wherever he or she is comfortable, confining him or her into one space might seem stressful to your furry one.  

Ear muffs for your furry one may seem like an ideal option to keep the sound out. It need not be noise cancelling or sound proof, it can also be used as a comforter. The smoke and fumes inhaled can cause laboured breathing wherein your furry one may struggle or gasp for breath.

It can also lead to congestion in the chest or lungs which may additionally result in coughing and probably loss of appetite. Another important part about the festival is sweets. Vets advice to keep your furry ones away from sweets and other specialties. While you may think of them as treats, they may not be suitable to their dietary requirements and all of that can have a harmful effect on your furry one.