Fun Brain Games for your Dog

Fun Brain Games for your Dog

Your dog’s brain needs exercise as much as they require their physical exercise. Most dogs are easily motivated by food and hence it becomes easier to add food-based games in their daily routine.

Brain games are really beneficial for all the dogs, and they are even more important if you have a dog that cannot do physical exercise. Brain game will also help boost self-confidence in puppies as they encourage them to play by themselves.

Here are some fun brain games for your pup:

  1. Hide & Seek:

This game will boost your pup’s excitement as the reward they are looking to seek is you, this game requires two people, one will distract the dog and make them sit while you hide and give them the cue to start looking for you. This game works wonderfully well both indoor & outdoor and can make a really fun game brain for your pet. 

  1. The which hand game:

This is a really easy and fun game to stimulate your dog’s brain, and only require some treats to play.

Ask your pup to stay in the sit position while you grab some treats. Allow them to see you place a treat in one of your hands, close your hands into a downward facing fist and extend them to your pup and ask them “which hand?”. Once they touch or signal the correct hand, reward them with a treat, the reward will also motivate them to play the game.

  1. Food Dispensing Toys:

Fun dispensing toys can be a really fun brain game for your pet. Since you can store treats in the toys, it will motivate your pup to play. It requires your pup to work to figure out how to obtain the treats which stimulates their brain. This also gives your pooch a chance to use their natural scavenging abilities in a more fun & challenging way. There are multiple food dispensing toys in wide range available in the market. 

  1. Jumping Rope:

Both eye & body coordination is required in this game, making it a great brain game for your pet. This game surely will require a lot of practice but once your pooch masters it, it for sure will turn out to be their favorite game.

  1. Dog puzzle games:

Dog puzzles come in wide range of variety but have one thing in common, your pet requires to figure out how to get their reward. This game helps provide your dog plenty of mental stimulation and also helps relieve boredom. They come in different sizes & shapes, some can be really difficult while some can be really easy. If your pet is using a puzzle for the first time it is always recommended to get the easy one first to build up their interest in the game.

Your dog’s mental health matters as much as their physical health, and with these games your pet will fit not just physically but also mentally.