Different Cat Tail Positions and Its Meanings

Different Cat Tail Positions and Its Meanings

Not all felines are very vocal and hence their body language is the only reference for most pet parents. They speak a lot without actually using their voice, they communicate effectively with each other and with their parents as well using more non-verbal gestures. Your furry one’s eyes, ears, tail and sitting or sleeping position can tell you a lot about his or her moods.

Your furry one’s tail is an ideal indicator of his or her moods as well as what’s bothering your furry feline. Some of the positions may include:

High up

If your furry one’s tail is held up straight up high while he or she strolls through its territory, it is his or her expression of confidence and contentment. A tail standing tall indicates happiness and a friendly attitude. If the tip of the tail twitches even a little bit, it might mean he or she is particularly happy about the moment.

Curved like a question mark

A curve in his or her tail might mean that your furry one is playful. If you notice this curve in his or her tail, it is time for you to break for a bit and play with your furry one. It is also an indicator that he or she might wish to share some fun with you if you decide to play along.


A tail pointing downwards can indicate aggression. A low straight tail usually tells you that your furry one’s in the mood for jokes. However, breeds such as a Persian cat will keep his or her tail pointing downwards for no reason at all.

Tucked Away

If his or her tail is beneath its body, it might be a sign of fear or submission. Something around your furry one is making him or her nervous and he or she is definitely intimidated by it.


A tail that might look fluffy or in other words like a pipe cleaner might indicate an agitated or a frightened cat trying to look bigger in a means to ward off danger.


If his or her tail keeps whipping and slapping back and forth it means that he or she is probably scared and aggressive at the same time. That is a sign to keep a safe distance.


A tail that moves from side to side usually means that your furry one is focused on an object. You might most often notice this before he or she pounces on a toy or any other object in front of him or her.

Wrapped around another cat

Your furry one’s tail wrapped around another feline may indicate friendship, it’s more like putting an arm around another person in humans.