Cat Breeds Suitable for Indian Homes

Cat Breeds Suitable for Indian Homes

Indian households now a days has been adopting various types of animals as pets among them the most popular are the dogs followed by the cats. Cats are becoming more popular and preferable as pets since they too are friendly with humans. Cats make great companions. Cats make for an affectionate, intelligent pet choice for us. Cleanliness is one of the unique characteristics of a cat as they like to stay extremely clean.

Cat's lifespan last upto 20 years depending on the breed .

Some of the most common cat breeds are as follows:

1.Colouspoint Persian.

The most common cat breed to be found in the world . These cats are fluffy with beautiful blue eyes and are generally white in colour. They can also be found in brown, red and cream colours.

2. Bombay Cat

These Asian cats are commonly known as black cats as they have a rich black body . They have golden eyes which can be very distinct to look at.

The Bombay cat has two different breeds :

British and American Bombay.

3. Maine Coon

The oldest Cat breed in the history of mankind. They can adapt to any home and are considered favourable for Indian homes . They are very friendly and considerate for their owners.

4. Persian

The Persian Cat has long white hair and twinkling hairs . They require proper grooming and are a bit fussy at times . The Persian Cat is favoured for movies due to its exotic rich looks.

5. Spotted Cat

Spotted Cat are the most suitable for Indian climate. They are very friendly by nature and quite sturdy too. They have spots all over their body and can be seen very often in Indian homes.