Are Felines Protective of Their Parents?

Are Felines Protective of Their Parents?

Canines are very protective of their humans or certain members of their families, but do cats feel the same? Felines are known to be more withdrawn and less expressive when compared to their canine counterparts. However, when it comes to their humans, even they might show some signs of possessiveness or belonging.

You might think that your furry one pays no attention to you or your whereabouts. But that’s just not true. He or she is well aware of what you’re doing and your timings of going and returning. They use their razor-sharp hearing and smelling senses to protect their parents. You might sometimes see him or her protecting you from other humans that may seem potentially dangerous to them. Even though felines are fierce predators and sometimes humans might seem big and dangerous to them. They are known to have instincts to protect their territory and yours.

The thought of your furry one saving the day might seem adorable but they just act out of their instincts. They definitely have no control over their thoughts and so if they attempt to protect you it is due to their instincts.

Here are a few signs that determine a protective feline:

In some cases, your furry one might be protective to the point of aggression. Try to understand his or her non-verbal communication so that you can understand what is causing your furry one to react. To understand if your furry one guarding you, observe this:

  • Dilated eyes
  • Pointed ears
  • Crouched stance
  • Showing teeth or claws
  • Hissing, growling or screeching
  • Biting or scratching

A protective feline might be one that is also fearful and sometimes that fear can lead to aggression. There are a number of ways to calm your aggressive feline and train them to better their behaviour. While it is considered ideal not to encourage his or her behaviour, you should not retreat or show fear as it may reinforce them. When you see your feline getting aggressive, you as well as the other members of the family should just walk away from him or her temporarily.

In the case of your furry one, it is instinctual to act upon the sight, smell and sound of something weird. It is also part of them to be defensive when they’re afraid. Just the fact that your furry one might do all in his or her capacity to protect you itself seems sweet and special.