7 Sleeping Positions You Can Find Your Pooch In

7 Sleeping Positions You Can Find Your Pooch In

Have you seen your furry one sleeping in various odd manners? Ever wondered if it meant something? If yes, your guess is probably right! If not, here’s a way to know more why!

Often, the manner in which they sleep in represents the way they are feeling; mentally and physically.

Here’s a glimpse of the seven most common sleep positions your furry one is found in...

Crazy Legs

It’s when your pooch sleeps on its back with its limbs hoisted in the air. This signifies the combination of submission and vulnerability. It also means that they are probably independent, easy-going and extremely comfortable in their space.

Side Sleeper

When your furry one sleeps on its side, it feels more relaxed and indicates complete trust in its family. Side sleepers are usually calm and care-free.


If your ‘super-pup’ is found sleeping on its belly with its legs stretched outwards, it basically means that they’re fun and energetic. This is mostly seen in puppies because it’s an easy position to jump right back to the earlier position they were in whilst playing.

Legs Up, Back Down

This is very close to the Crazy Legs position. The only difference is that the dog’s front paws are laying over their chest while their back limbs are completely extended in the air. This position may mean that the furry one is warm. It is an indication that it needs to cool down, since its paws contain sweat glands and their belly has the least amount of fur on their body. It may also mean that it does not want to be bothered.

Belly Curl

Your pooch may sleep on its tummy with its paws tucked backwards. Most dogs that sleep in this position are gentle and shy, but can also have an adventurous side to them.

Curled Up

If your furry one sleeps like this, it means that it may be cold or apprehensive about a new environment or people. This keeps them warm and happy.


If you have more than one pooch, you might see them sleeping back-to-back to get warmth. Sleeping like that makes them feel a sense of belonging. They get the vibe that the other pup is one of the pack.

If your canine friend does this with you, it just means that you’ve joined the cool kids’ pack!