7 Essential Commands your Dog needs to know!

7 Essential Commands your Dog needs to know!

When you get a new dog, whether it is a puppy or fully grown adult, they probably need some basic obedience training. There are 7 basic commands any dog should know and follow. They are the commands that people use with their pets on a regular basis. With daily practice, your pet can master these core skills in just a week or two.

  1. Sit:

Teaching sit first is always a good option as it’s the most natural concept to dogs. Hence, it is also the easiest for them to learn, even puppies who are new to training can get a hang of it within a few sessions. Since it is a transition command, once a dog can sit, you can move on to other directives.

  1. Stay:

A dog who knows how to stay won’t run into the streets if they are leash free, so this is a very important skill for a dog to learn. Teaching this skill to your pet when they are tired or hungry is a better option as they won’t get too hyper to focus. Being patient is the key: Most dogs take days to understand stay and a couple of weeks to master it. Give your pet treats to appreciate them in between practice as this motivates them.

  1. Down or Lay Down:

The down command is important for several reasons. Firstly, just like the sit command it is incompatible with certain unwanted behaviours. By teaching them to lay down you have a tool to manage several behavioural issues and it promotes relaxation for excited dogs.

  1. Leave it:

Leave it is a basic training command you use to tell your dog to not pick up something they are approaching. This command can help prevent your pup from eating something harmful or help you from saving your favourite pair of shoes from being chewed.

  1. Drop it:

Training your pup to drop it means they will let go of anything picked up in their mouth. Like the leave it command drop it command can also save your dog from ingesting something that is poisonous or harmful for their health. This command can also help in protecting your favourite possessions as long as you are around to stop them.

  1. Wait:

When you ask your dog to wait you are telling them to not move forward until you allow them to. It is perfect for keeping a dog from running out of the door, crate or the car.

  1. Come:

The come command comes in handy when your dog slips out of their leash, to get it to quickly come back to you. Be sure to call your pet and give them a reward to appreciate them. This way they will always be happy to come on cue.

Our bond with our canine companions is always fun and enjoyable wherever we go. Teach your pooch these basic commands to address any behavioral problems and to ensure a healthy and a happy pup.

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