5 Reasons to Consider Getting a Guinea Pig as a Pet

5 Reasons to Consider Getting a Guinea Pig as a Pet

Guinea pigs are the most adorable animals one can have as a pet. They aren’t just cute and fluffy but also extremely social animals. They are low maintenance and make great pets.

Here are 5 reasons to consider getting a guinea pig as a pet.

1. They make great first pets:

They are low maintenance, very social hence make great bond with their owners, and have a longer lifespan. They make a terrific first pets for first time pet parents. Every guinea pig has a personality. Some are shy & timid while some are bold and dominant. Hence, it is extremely important to spend time with them before you bring them home.

2. Good around children:

If you have a toddler in the house and aren’t sure what pet you should get, guinea pig is the answer you are looking for. Guinea pigs are not just incredibly social animals but are also timid in nature and will not bite your fingers thinking it is food, the reason being they do not like experimenting with their food and hence tend to be relaxed. If you want your children to learn how to take care of pets, guinea pigs are a great option as they aren’t snappy or irritable, and they aren’t as fragile as other small pets. But it is necessary to keep an eye on your children and the pet when they are together so both of them are safe. 

3. They are not high maintenance:

Like mentioned earlier, they are quite inexpensive to get, but it is always suggested to adopt one because these animal selling stores are generally partisan in illegal trades & animal cruelty. There are several abandoned guinea pigs that you can adopt and give them a chance to a better life. 

4. They have a healthy lifestyle:

Guinea pigs live a long life if you see it’s lifespan, they live for about 4-7 years if taken good care of. They can set good examples for your children as they love their veggies. This can also encourage your children to start eating their veggies. Since Guinea pigs cannot produce vitamin C, it is necessary to feed them greens and veggies high in vitamin C to keep them healthy

5. They love communicating:

Like any other pet guinea pigs love communicating with their owners. As soon as they hear the sound of their favourite treat box they speak in squeaks, grunts, chortles, purrs, rumbles, cooing and in chirps with their owner. Guinea pigs love being around their owners and at times you’d also find them sneaking around in your lap and taking a nap.

Guinea pigs are extremely lovable and adorable as pets. But just like any other pets, they too require their annual veterinary visits to live a long, healthy & a happy life.