You’ve Tested Positive for COVID-19 – Now What!?

You’ve Tested Positive for COVID-19 – Now What!?

The good news is that the cases are reducing. There has been a significant drop in the numbers. But that doesn’t mean that the pandemic is over. Living in a pet household and getting tested positive could be a challenge for both you and your pet. As you won’t be able to directly tend to your pet, it is important to have another family member around to care for your pet while you are unwell. 

Once you have been infected by the virus, it is a must to isolate for a bare minimum of 10 days. Hence it is important to have adequate pet supplies handy. The supplies should be kept in a cupboard that is known to the other members of the family. Give your family his or her feeding, exercise and walk schedule. Make sure the timings aren’t changed as this could upset him or her. 

If you are the sole caregiver for your pet and the two of you live alone, it’ll be ideal for you to hire either a dog walker or a pet sitter or both! Although these are new faces, you need to understand that your pet might take time to warm up to him or her. The dog walker or sitter should be experienced to handle him or her. The dog walker should also sanitize his or her hands after walking the dog. As a pet parent, you must sanitize your pooch’s leash. 

Here is a comprehensive list of things you’d need to stash up in the event you test positive: -

Pet Food: Stock up at least a month’s worth of dog food. This way you are sure that he or she is covered for a good amount of time. 

Pet Medication: Basic medication for fleas or ticks can be kept at home

Cleaning Supplies: There should be a decent amount of cleaning supplies in case your pet tends to have accidents indoors. 

Pet Toys: It is highly recommended to buy a bunch of toys for your pet and treat them to it monthly! A new toy every month. Make sure you’ve given them the toy of the month before you step in for isolation. This should keep him or her busy and engaged! 

Cat litter: Make sure you’ve got bags of cat litter for a month. 

In case you are running short of any of the supplies you can order the list here. As part of our practice, we adhere to the social distancing norms even during delivery. Just as you stay distant from your pet, you need to keep your distance from your pet too. It is the most challenging thing to hear and do but you need to know that it isn’t advisable. Having a family member around can make you feel at ease and reduce his or her feelings of separation anxiety. 

But if you have no one else to come spot you, even when you are tending to your pet, do make sure you’re maintaining a safe distance from him or her and constantly washing your hands after his or her walk. Do walk him or her along with isolated areas of the compound so that there is no exchange or exposure to any other being. Hold yourself from squishing him or her or cuddling him or her. Keep washing your hands before you touch your pet’s belongings!