Ways To Keep Your Cat From Scratching Your Furniture.

Ways To Keep Your Cat From Scratching Your Furniture.

If you have a cat you already know the struggle, our little feline friends love to scratch our furniture. Scratching on sofas, rugs, chairs, etc. is something all cats tend to do as scratching on things is their most natural behavior.

There are many ways to stop your cat to stop scratching everything with proper training.

Here are a few methods you can use to stop your cat from scratching your furniture.

  1. Trim your cat’s nails:

Cats scratch to trim their nails and remove dead skin, hence trimming their nails on a regular basis can help preventing them from scratching your furniture. Trimming your cats nail cannot always be easy, it is always suggested to take it slow and to be patient especially when your feline baby doesn’t like getting its nail trimmed. Always start by introducing your cat to having their paws handled. Once your cat is comfortable, gently press on each paw pad to extend its nails. Practice this frequently if needed till your cat is comfortable to let you trim their nails.

  1. Buy a scratching post or a scratching tree:

Buying a scratch post is the best way to encourage your cat from not scratching everything. Cat Scratchers or Trees are available in different sizes and price range with different materials. Putting the scratcher in the area your cat spends most of its time is the best way to get them to use it.

  1. Discourage furniture scratching:

Every time your cat scratches a furniture redirect them to a cat tree and reward them with their favorite treats & toys. Always keep a scratcher closer to the furniture your cat likes to scratch the most, this way it is always easy to redirect them and distract them from scratching the furniture.


  1. Keep them engaged:

Cats tend to get bored just like we do which leads to scratching the furniture. It is always important to give your cat regular stimulation to keep them active. You can always indulge them in their favorite games.

  1. Use catnip on the scratchers:

Cats absolutely love catnip and one way to give them catnip is by sprinkling some on their scratchers, not only will this encourage them to use the scratcher but will also keep them distracted from scratching the furniture.

  1. Be patient with your feline friend:

Lastly, it is always important to be patient when trying to train your furr baby. Over time with repeated practice & training your cat should stop scratching furniture.

You love your cat and the bond you share. Cats know when their owners care for them and reciprocate the feeling. They love being appreciated and hence will do everything to please their humans. With a little training and patience your cat will eventually learn how to use their scratch posts and won’t harm your furniture.