Tips For First Time Pet Parents

Tips For First Time Pet Parents

Never buy a puppy/pet from a marketplace or a pet shop. Adopt it through a reputed breeder or families. Having a puppy at home can be a challenging for a first time pet parent. Here are a few tips for you:


A deworming pill/syrup helps prevent newly hatched larvae (worms) from growing or multiplying in the pup’s body. It prevents or kills roundworms, hookworms, which are very common in puppies. The puppy should be dewormed once in a month from the age of 30 days until 6 months of age and thereafter once in every three months.


Vaccination is important to prevent your pet from various deadly diseases. Initially, there are four vaccines for your pets in its first year, post which, it is one vaccine annually.

1st vaccination: At the age of 8 weeks (Distemper, Hepatitis, Lepto, Parvo)

2nd vaccination: At the age of 1112 weeks (Distemper, Hepatitis, Lepto, Parvo)

3rd vaccination: At the age of 1516 weeks (Anti-rabies)

4th vaccination: 21 days post the 3rd vaccination (Booster Dose)

Diet & Nutrition:

Dogs are carnivorous and have a different digestive tracks and no salivary enzyme for cereal digestion. They should not be fed Chapattis, bread, biscuits etc. Wheat, gluten & lactose predispose puppies and dogs to skin allergies. Pet parents should refer to the food quantities mentioned on the food packets. No calcium tonics should be given along with the pet foods. It is preferred to ask the vet treating the puppy/dog for any recommendation.

Socialization & Grooming:

Your pup should not be taken out to socialize with other pups or dogs before the rabies vaccine. Protected areas like terrace or balcony, bathroom can be used to train a puppy to pass urine and stools. Toilet training starts from day 1. No bath should be given until 3 months of age. You can sponge your pup with warm water and a towel. Combing the coat is essential, especially for long haired pups/dogs. No insecticidal products to be used on the pup till 5 months of age.

These are a few beginner tips to keep in mind for the first time pet parents. Regular vet visits are advised to ensure your pup/dog gets the best of both worlds.