The Ultimate Comfort Food!

The Ultimate Comfort Food!

What did the rice tell the curd? Oh, it’s so rice to meet you!

Well, Indian households have die-hard fans of curd rice. It is a go-to because it is impossible for a fridge to not have rice and curd! The mixed is just pure bliss. On the days you feel lazy to cook, it acts as a quick two-minute meal. In case you’re under the weather, these two can make you smile. Sometimes even on the days, your tummy is busy doing backflips all because of the roadside paani puris, curd rice is the relief your tummy needs!

Although can our furballs have a spoonful or two? As curd is packed with probiotics that help the production of a lot of digestive enzymes, it alleviates your pup from digestive problems. This makes for a fab cooling treat in the summer months too! Apart from that, yoghurt is also rich in calcium and phosphorus, therefore making an essential in a puppy’s diet! Large-sized breeds like Golden Retrievers or Labrador Retrievers, Great Danes tend to fall prey to bone deficiencies like hip dysplasia.

If you safeguard your little one at an early stage, there won’t be any medical complications!

Even if your furry one’s stomach is upset, curd rice can help them too! Although, they cannot enjoy the luxuries of salt or any pickle with their curd rice. The rice needs to be boiled without any addition of spices or condiments. If your dog is diabetic, control the portion size. So, for example, throw in more curds and less of the rice. Either way, curd rice should only be given to the furry babies if they’re under the weather or as a cool treat in the summers. However, your veterinarian would be the best person to give the low down on the appropriate feeding instructions.

During the summer holidays, while we are spoilt for choice to keep our minds and bodies cool, apart from the plain Jane vanilla ice cream, he or she can indulge in curd rice. Opt for white rice always as it is the grain that suits a canine’s palate and is easily digestible. The DVM and Medical Director and CEO of 911 Vets, Dr Steve Weinberg stated that “Rice [is a] carb source [for] when dogs are on a bland diet after a GI upset. Rice helps to bind the stool in cases of diarrhoea”.

Even if you’ve got a new family member drooling all over the house, curd rice can make it to their diet. Although due to their age and stage, do speak to your vet before you start serving a ladleful of curd rice to him or her. Sometimes it could cause constipation. The consistency for the pup’s curd rice should be as mushy as khichdi. See they don’t call it comfort food for nothing!