Puppy Teething Guide: Tips to Survive the Teething Stage.

Puppy Teething Guide: Tips to Survive the Teething Stage.

Your puppy’s teething stage is no picnic for you or for them. As their teeth move, fall and move again they lead to discomfort & pain that can lead to some unhealthy and destructive behaviours.

What is puppy teething?

Getting a new puppy can be an absolute delight, but when they start to teeth they can soon turn into adorable little devils. Not a lot of pet parents are aware initially that they will have to face a teething stage.

The first set of teeth your puppy will get are called milk teeth which are temporary. Puppies have 28 milk teeth which fall out to make room for their adult teeth which they have 42.

There are three stages of teething:

  1. Milk teeth grow in
  2. Milk teeth falls out
  3. Adult teeth grow in

Throughout this process your puppy’s mouth will be tender and their jaw will be sore.

Below are a few tips to help curb destructive chewing behaviour:

  1. Get them chew toys:

Always ensure there is plenty of toys and chewing objects available in the house. For long lasting chewing sessions, puppy chewing toys are the best option. Toys specifically made for a teething puppy will be softer, so they feel relieved on the gums as they chew. They are durable enough and hence cannot be destroyed too quickly.

  1. Natural chewers for teething:

Your puppy during this stage will have a natural instinct to chew on anything and everything to help work those teeth out faster, it can be your shoe, your bag or even your toe. Offering a natural and a healthy chew will soothe their tender gums and distract them from destroying your things. There are multiple natural chewers available in the market but when looking for one you should always keep in mind that aren’t tough which can harm your pup’s delicate teeth. This can be challenging and can cause pain in their gums, worse damage or break a tooth. Hence it is recommended to buy soft chewers which not only will help them with the pain but will keep their gums and teeth safe.

  1. Keep them busy:

During this stage, if your dog is bored, they will look for whatever they can chew on. On the other hand, if you distract them this will keep them busy and control their destructive behaviour. If you see them chewing on something they shouldn’t be, interrupt them and give them a toy or something else they can chew on.

  1. Cold chewables:

There are a lot of commercial dog toys available in the market that can be frozen. Cold chew toys are great for soothing your pup’s aching gums & teeth during the teething phase. You can also make your own DIY frozen chew toy by twisting a wet rag into a long, stick like shape and freeze it.

  1. Herbs:

Herbal plants such as lavender & chamomile are known for their soothing properties & are great options to soothe your pup during their teething stage. You can make a weak herbal tea, let it cool to room temperature, and pour it in your pup’s dry food.

These tips can help you keep your pup from getting too adventurous during their teething stage. Once your pup’s adult teeth have come in, ensure to keep them healthy with regular teeth and gum maintenance.