Pets - Healthy Habits

Pets - Healthy Habits

Pets enlighten the lives of their owners with love, laughter, and joy. So, as a proud owner, it is our duty to ensure that our pets live a happy and healthy life.

For our pets to have more warm and healthy years, follow the 5 check rule!


Treating Right is a trick - The first job of treating your pet well is feeding it right. When selecting pet food, look for meat as one of the primary ingredients on the pack. Avoiding by-products, artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. Look for low-calorie options that provide some health benefits, while buying treats for your pets. Make each treat count its beneficiaries for your beloved dog or cat.

Giving their brain the boost - Engaging your pets in brain working is a good way to let them grow mentally. These days, there are many food puzzles and other such fun frolic activities for pets that allows them to get a boost.  Not only these puzzles will engage your pet's time, but will also increase their agility to tackle circumstances and emerge a triumph.

Play Date - Fitness is important for pets just as it is for all of us. Keeping our pets active and not let them become couch potatoes is simple. Just start taking them to walk every day. Walking and playing with your cats and dogs is a simple yet effective way to keep them fit, healthy and their minds sharp. Investing 20-30 mins for a walk with your dog or 3-5 mins of playtime with your cat is enough. This will help in curbing weight-related ailments in them too. 

Being Socially fit - Like kids need to be introduced to other kids for socializing, our pets too need to interact and play with other pets in order to live under normal conditions. There are many dog parks that host various competitions for all pets. Take yours around and let them have a fun time!  Profound studies claim that socialized dogs are better behaved and more fun to be around.  There are plenty of ways to help you and your dog interact with other pet lovers. Being outgoing and social is the key to follow.

Vet’s the word - With the ever increasing use of Google, most of us are self capable of treating our illness away. But our little friends, let’s spare them from our treatments. And consult a practicing veterinary routinely to gift your pet with a long and healthy life. As a pet owner, your primary focus should be preventing diseases, not only getting them treated. Diet and lifestyle changes can be accommodated to ensure it. Giving them nutrition supplements, proper exercising are some remedies. A vet’s opinions and suggestions for the betterment of your pet speaks volumes. Adhere to their voices by timely visiting once a year for younger pets and twice yearly for pets older than 7 years of age. 

So now you the drill to happy and healthy pets. High Pawwws to you!