Is Oats Safe for Cats?

Is Oats Safe for Cats?

Oats! For most of us health freaks, it is a must, it is a very important part of the most important meal of the day. It is rich in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. It contains vitamin E, B vitamins, zinc, iron, and selenium. Oats play a vital role in maintaining and improving overall health. Does this healthy piece of grain provide the same health benefits to your feline? Is it safe for him or her to eat oat?

Yes, oats can be really good for their coat. Oats are rich in antioxidants such as linoleic acid and vitamin E, these nutrients can help promote your furry baby’s coat health. That’s not all, it also improves their liver’s health and the overall functioning of the body. You must know that many commercial pet food formulas contain oats.

Compared to other cereal grains, oats have a higher nutritional value. It contains higher levels of proteins, it is easy for your feline’s digestive system to digest it and create a good balance of amino acid in their body. However, felines are carnivores, their commercial food products ensure that they get all the nourishment that their body needs. So, oats aren’t something that you should or can replace with their regular meals. It can be fed to them as a mini-snack.

Oats or oats flour can be used while baking treats for your feline. It is a healthy alternative to all-purpose flour and can provide great nutritional benefits. It can turn your treat into a healthy version of itself.

Oats can also be fed raw or in the form of oatmeal. But, remember to feed oatmeal mixed in water and not in milk. Felines are lactose intolerant; they lack the enzymes that are required to digest milk. Therefore, feeding them oats in milk can cause various digestive or gastrointestinal problems.

While feeding oats to your furry baby, make sure you cook it for a few minutes or pre-soak It overnight. Again, it can be fed to them as a mini-snack or as an alternative treat. Do not add sugar, cinnamon, or any such condiments as a topping over their oatmeals.

Remember moderation is the key. Do not forget to consult your vet before introducing him or her to oats.

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