Is Cucumber Pickle Safe for Dogs?

Is Cucumber Pickle Safe for Dogs?

Why do we enjoy having pickle with our food so much? Because it is never a “dill” moment! While we enjoy having sour and tangy cucumber pickles along with burgers and sandwiches these might not be the best for your pup? But for their safety and well-being, we should ideally refrain from feeding them any human food. Although are cucumber pickles safe for dogs? Cucumber pickles are not toxic for your furry baby. However, veterinarians would not recommend feeding it to your pet.

Here’s all you need to know about a cucumber pickle! Cucumber pickles are made by preserving them in salt, vinegar and water. The spices and condiments added differ based on the flavour required for the pickles. The addition of various spices and seasonings, including the essentials, salt and pepper, increase the level of sodium in the cucumber. Feeding such food items which is high in sodium to your pup is not the best idea! Vets always advise us pet parents to keep our pets away from anything that is persevered and rich in sodium. 

Feeding your canine a food item that is high in sodium can lead to severe dehydration problems. The rise of sodium levels in their blood can also induce gastrointestinal issues. If your furry one has accidentally nibbled on  a piece of the cucumber pickle you need not worry. Let your pup lap up loads of water. He or she will feel fine soon. But, if your pup has gorged on pieces of the cucumber pickle, you must rush him or her to the vet. It may cause severe health concerns if not treated on time.

Here’s some good news for you - veterinarians give a green signal for dogs to consume fresh cucumber! The calorie count is at an all-time low and has a high water content. It makes for the perfect summer time snack for your furry baby if fed in moderation. It will keep your pet hydrated during the hot and humid season.  Cucumbers do not only provide some beneficial nutrients to your pup, but it also plays a key role in fighting issues such as diabetes and obesity too!

If cucumber and your pet have not yet met, you can introduce it to his or her diet slowly and gradually. Similar to how you introduce any new vegetable or fruit. Cucumber can be your pup’s summertime buddy. You can also give your furry baby cucumber-infused water. They will surely enjoy this new flavoured water. So then what do dogs call cucumbers? Cutecumbers!