How to Take Care of Your Female Pets when in Heat

How to Take Care of Your Female Pets when in Heat

Female pooches usually go into heat at the age of 6 months. Their menstrual cycle takes place every 6-8 months. The blood discharge continues for 3 weeks in one go.  Pet parents should not panic during this time as it’s a basic hormonal change for your pets. Moreover, you can take more efforts to care and look after your pets during this time.

Basic things to keep in mind when your pet is in heat:

Keep them indoors: Your dog will constantly release pheromones which attract males. Males can sense, from even a mile away. This is a period in which males becomes aggressive and try to mate with the females. So, keeping your pets indoors will help prevent the fear of unwanted puppies.

Change in behaviour: You will also notice a considerable change in your pet’s behaviour when she’s in heat. Due to the release of hormones in the body she might get aggressive or agitated. You can try and comfort her by playing with her as it’ll distract her from the current condition that she’s in. You can also try and brush her hair and groom her to make her feel safe and secure.

Diet changes: Every pet is different in nature. Some pets will eat more during this time and some will have a reduced appetite. Don’t force anything on them during these days. Give them a balanced diet. Ensure all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fibres are included in the meal which will give them energy and keep them active.

Cleanliness: As a pet parent, you will have to make sure that, especially in these days you are maintaining a clean and sanitized environment for your pet to be in. You will have to clean your pets discharge and the area of it. To make it easy, you can make your pets wear a dog diaper or pants so that there are no unwanted stains in your house. 

This time is difficult for these voice-less animals to express their feelings. Try to comfort them. Pets like being around their family during this time as they feel that they are in a well-protected