Can the King of Fruits Rule Over your Bunny's Heart too?

Can the King of Fruits Rule Over your Bunny's Heart too?

Every day during summers is fun and a mango-ficient day! Summers are incomplete without mango. From kids to elders everyone is a fan of mango. No human can resist the amazing taste and juiciness of this fruit. Therefore, we can say that the king of all fruits actually rules over our hearts.

But, what if the furry one that rules over your heart, realizes that there is something else that rules over your heart too? And, the fact that you’re not sharing it with him or her might really upset them. No matter how hard you try, you cannot hide your excitement for a mango! So, the best thing to do is to confess your love for mango to your furry baby and share the joy with him or her. Wait! Can bunnies eat mango? Is it safe for them?

Generally, fruits are a big no for our little furry members as their digestive system is not meant to digest fruits. Yes, even the digestive system of your bunny is unique. Their digestive system is built to process high-fibre foods such as hay and grass. Processing sugary food items can cause various gastrointestinal problems. While most of the fruits are proven to be dangerous and toxic to rabbits, you will be amazed to know that they can have mango. But, only in a moderation!

Mangoes are known to be highly beneficial for both humans and our rabbits. It contains essential minerals and nutrients; it is rich in calcium and phosphorus that can boost the overall functioning of the body. A piece of mango can work wonders on his or her health. However, make sure you give it as a treat and not make mango a part of his or her daily diet.

Mango has higher levels of sugar and acidic content. If fed in excess, it can cause various health issues such as lethargy, diarrhoea, loose stools, skin irritation, excessive itching, or licking their skin and paw.

So how many mangoes can you feed your bunny?

The average portion of mango to be fed to your furry one must be 1 tablespoon. And, they should be fed this portion only once a week. You may break the 1 tablespoon mango portion into half and feed it to him or her twice a week. It is not advisable to feed mango to your bunny two days in a row. Hence, you make sure to feed the other piece on the alternate day i.e. a day after. 

While you introduce your furry baby to mango, offer him or her a small piece of mango. Wait for around 24 hours and keep an eye on the health of your bunny to see if they react adversely. If not, you may continue feeding mango to your furry baby once a week. If you do notice any adverse reaction, you must rush him or her to the veterinarian.

Veterinarians do not recommend feeding mango to baby bunnies or bunnies suffering from any underlying condition. It must not be fed to them even as a treat. You may consult your vet even before introducing mango to your adult or healthy bunny. It is always better to get a green signal from your vet. Nonetheless, it is your responsibility to ensure to feed your bunny ripe mango at the ripe time!

When you’re purchasing mangoes, remember to pick freshly ripe and pesticide-free mangoes. The presence of pesticides can not only harm you but also your furry baby’s health. Wash it thoroughly and serve a piece to them in a clean plate.

Even thinking of the fruit can make you drool! Mango munching sessions can be your and your bunny’s exclusive summer activity. There are higher chances that the king of all fruits might rule over your bunny’s heart too!

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